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Our Request
Our Mission?

We have prepared a data-interchange format for exchange of information connected to the supply and receipt of items within the supply chain. This information is be hosted on this site, and made available to the public free-of-cost.

Round 1:
In the first round, we are compiling a list of all pharmaceutical products manufactured and / or sold in India, and allotting a unique product code – dsCode – to each item.
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Round 2:
In the second round, we propose to include the drug composition of all the items listed.

What we want from you?

We need…
  • A brief company profile to be included on the site ...see sample.
  • An updated list of items manufactured / sold by your company in India from you.
Also, we request you to give us regular updates whenever you add to or remove items from your product line.

How you will be benefitted?

Your products will be listed on this website and will be accessible and searchable from all over the world. The doctors, the patients and the chemists who are deprived from the benefits of your products for want of information, will be able to find about your products on-line from amongst the crowded brand market.

How your supply chain will be benefitted?

Once dsCoded, the wholesalers and retailers will be able to seamlessly import the sale / purchase particulars of your product, using our data-interchange formats. This will help improve the delivery time and minimize delays in shipment.

What it will cost you?

Listing here is FREE!!! It won’t cost you anything to get yourself and your products listed with us.

You may, however, also wish to use our web-site to advertize your organization, your products and your services on-line. If so, please let us know, we will send over our price list for your reference.

Please consult your physician for before taking any medicine. Discussions on the merits and demerits of the different medicines is beyond the scope of this site.

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