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Mfr DSCode MMP
Company Modi Mundi Pharma Ltd
Address Pandurang Budhkar Marg Worli,
Mumbai-400013, India
City Mumbai
Phone +91-22 - 24948635
Web Site

About Modi Mundi Pharma Ltd
Mundipharma International Limited (MINT) and its independent associated companies are committed to improving the health and quality of life of people everywhere. Over the last 50 years, our associates have become leaders in pain management, developing new drugs and patented formulations to relieve chronic pain for patients and to help them improve their lives. As we move forward, we are building a presence in oncology and respiratory treatments to help transform the lives of even more patients. MINT plays a dynamic key role in leading multidisciplinary support for the Mundipharma / Napp / Norpharma independent associated companies across Europe.
Please consult your physician for before taking any medicine. Discussions on the merits and demerits of the different medicines is beyond the scope of this site.

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