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Mfr DSCode VER
Company Veritaz Healthcare Ltd.
Address 1-46/4 1st Floor,
Venkateshwara Colony, Uppal,
Hyderabad - 500039, India.
City Hyderabad
Phone +91-40-27202469
Fax +91-40-27201522
Web Site

About Veritaz Healthcare Ltd.
VeritasHealthCare is providing staffing solutions to healthcare facilities across the United States. Based in Pensacola, Florida, VeritasHealthCare is dedicated to providing the quality professionals you need to continue offering the highest standards in patient care and is recognized as an innovative healthcare staffing solutions company.

We understand the challenges you face in finding and keeping a staff of properly trained, competent, credentialed professionals. That's why you need to partner with a healthcare staffing company who can offer you the largest national network of qualified healthcare professionals, along with flexible and fixed-term solutions to suit your needs.
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