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We have started the process to compile a comprehensive list of companies that produce, import pharmaceutical products for consumption within the country.

We have started the exercise by taking up the list of companies that have representation in the Bilaspur City of Chhattisgarh, and hope to gradually cover each and every company.

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List of Companies
DS CodeName of Company  
ABRAbaris Healthcare P. Ltd.Item List Download
ABHAbbott Healthcare (Piramal)Item List Download
ABTAbbott India Ltd.Item List Download
ADOAdonis Labs P. Ltd.Item List Download
ADVAdvenze Advance Vital EnzymesItem List Download
AGLAglowmed Ltd.Item List Download
AMLAimil Pharma (I) Ltd.Item List Download
AJPAjanta Pharama Ltd.Item List Download
AKSAksigen Hospital CareItem List Download
AKUAkumentis Healthcare Ltd.Item List Download
ALDAlbert David LimitedItem List Download
ALBAlembic Ltd. Item List Download
ALKAlkem Lab.Item List Download
ALCAlmet Corporation Ltd.Item List Download
AMBAmerican BiocareItem List Download
AMRAmrutanjan LtdItem List Download
AGFAnglo French DrugsItem List Download
APXApex LaboratoriesItem List Download
ARXAr-Ex Laboratories P. Ltd.Item List Download

We are in the process of compiling a universal list of pharmaceutical companies and products.

It is a very dynamic lists with multiple parties involved. You will surely understand this is a herculian task and help us identify errors and omissions.

If you represent a company you are requested to formally join in support of our objective, please contact us.

Please consult your physician for before taking any medicine. Discussions on the merits and demerits of the different medicines is beyond the scope of this site.

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