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The importance of keeping backups of the work you do can never be over-emphasized. It is vital that you have a comprehensive backup policy. Take backups periodically and regularly.

The option - Backup Database - is available under "File" menu.

Clicking this menu option brings up the backup form.

The information available on this form is...

Sql Server The name of the server from where the back is to be taken.
Database Name The name of the database that has to be backed up.
Selected Target

This is full path name of the file where the backup will be stored. The default target location is the C driver of the server and the default file name is...

DatabaseName + Date + Time

followed by the extension .DS. The Date and Time are attached without any seperators like / or :

To change the location and name of the backup file click on Select. To select the default location and name click on the Default button.

Once you have selected the target location and filename you are ready to take the backup. Click on the Backup Now to complete the backup process.

Ideally the backup should be taken on some removable media - CD or Magnetic Tape. You can achieve this by selecting the appropriate target location. If you are selecting the CD drive

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