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Bank Cheques
Blank to Completion

बैंक से प्राप्त चेक बुक का ब्यैरा रखने के लिये इस प्रोग्राम यह एक आसान तरीका है.
This section of the solution allows you to track each and every cheque you issue.


  1. Receive Cheque (बैंक से blank चेक प्राप्त होते है)
  2. Issue Cheque (भुतान हेतु चेक Party को दिया जाता है)
  3. Status of Cheques (बैंक statement से चैक का भुगतान status की जानकारी प्राप्त होती है)
Receive Cheque Book

Use the option Cheque Book from the Master Menu. इससे Receive Cheques form खुलेगा.

बैंक से जो चैक बुक प्राप्त होती है उसकी जानकारी इस फॉर्म में भर दें. Enter the starting and ending cheque numbers for the cheque book received from the bank and click on Add. This will add these blank cheques to the cheque master for subsequent use.

The list of cheques will be available for monitoring in the Checklist menu.

Issue A Cheque

किसी को चैक देते हैं तो उसकी एन्ट्री यहाँ करें. Use the Issue Cheques option from the Transaction Menu. This will bring forward the Transaction: Cheque Issued form. इस फॉर्म में दिये गये ब्लैंक चैकों की जानकारी भी दर्ज की जा सकती है.

This form is used to enter the particulars of the cheque that is being issued.

First, you must "find" the cheque number. At the bottom left of the form, enter the number of the cheque and press find. If the cheque number exists it reports "F O U N D" and displays the particulars of that cheque.

At this point, press Edit to activate the data entry for that cheque. Enter the relevant payment details and complete the cheque entry.

  • If you are issuing a blank cheque, you must set the cheque amount to zero and the date to blank.
  • If the cheque has been cancelled or stopped, click on Cancelled or Stopped

Print "Pay to" Details on Cheque

You can print the payment particulars on the cheque with the help of your standard printer. अपने रोजाना उप्योग होने वाले प्रिंटर से आप चैक पर भुगतान की जानकारी छाप सकते हैं.

हर बैंक के चैक में लिखी जाने वाले कॉलम एक जैसे ही होते हैं पर चैक के पन्ने पर उकने लिये अंकित स्थान में मामूली फरक देखा जाता है. हमारे चैक फॉर्मेटर की मदद से आप के चैक के पर अलग-अलग कॉलम का स्थाल सेट कर सकते है. The cheque printing formatter allow you to design and save the cheque layout so that printing of the payment particulars is done exactly at the right position provided on the cheque.

Automatic Posting to Ledgers

The ledgers of the bank and the party to whom the cheques are issued are automatically posted. The "Cheque Date" is used as the date of transaction. Blank cheques issued are posted to accounts only after the amount and cheque date are subsequently filled up.

Cancelled and Stopped cheques are not posted to the ledger books.

Monitor Status of the Cheques

The list of cheques and their status can be monitored at all times through the "List of Cheques" statement which is available in the CheckList menu option.

The report can be filtered...

  • by Bank
  • by Party
  • by Status
  • Cancelled
  • Stopped

and sorted by...

  • Cheque No
  • Recd Date
  • Bank
  • Party

This Online User Guide describes the general features of the software. Due to high level of cusomtization services offered by us, the features described herein may not match with your specific customization. All names and figures visible in the images and text are only to demonstrate the features of the program. They do not represent real-life transactions.
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