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Configure SQL Server / MSDE

The Medical Wholesale Software System uses Microsoft SQL Server as the backend to store the data. The software comes with utilities and tools that configure the system and prepare it for the Medical Wholesale Software Solution.

Small vendors can use Sql Server Express Edition which can be downloaded from Microsoft.

The discussion that follows is for the techincal minded...

Deploying the Database

The standard data and log files for the Medical Wholesale Software System are…

  • dsMed.mdf
  • dsMed_log.ldf

The steps to use the database in the application are outlined below…

  • The files to be attached to SQL Server / MSDE
  • The form-based application has to be configured to use the database.

At the time of installing SQL Server / MSDE ensure that the security is set to the Mixed (SQL Server and Windows) Mode.

If you have missed this setting at the time of installation, there is no reason to fret, you can change this afterwards also.

Changing SQL Security Mode through SQL Server Enterprise Manager

  • Use the menu option
  • Tools
  • SQL Server Configuration Properties
  • Go to the “security” tab and select the Mixed Mode security.

Changing SQL Security Mode through Data Spec's dsConfigure

You can also use the dsConfigure utility developed by us at Data Spec for this purpose.

The Medical Wholesale Software Solution uses the SQL Server Security and will not work in the Windows Only security mode. The application will work only when the Security Mode for the SQL Server / MSDE is set to Mixed (SQL Server and Windows) Mode.

Attach to SQL Server / MSDE

  • Launch the attach (Attach.exe) utility provided.
  • Select the physical “mdf” file.
  • Specify the database name – this is the (logical) name that is used by the applications to refer to this database.
  • Click on “Attach Database” to attach.

Alternately, you can also use the Enterprise Manager provided with SQL Server to attach the database.

Configuration File for the Application

In the folder where the executables are stored you need to create/edit a file by the name – dsData.dat

You can use any text editor like “notepad” or “edit” to work on this file. The file will have 1 line with 4 values followed by “enter”…

i.e                  ComputerName, DatabaseName, UserName, Password

For eg.

                     Main, dsCRJ, sa, pass


Main is the Computer Name
dsCRJ is the logical database name assigned at the time of attaching the data files
sa is the username
pass is the password


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