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Standard Setup - SetStandard

We at Data Spec have identified and prepared a list of files comprising of the DLLs and Controls used by the ThokDawai program.

These include mostly files provided by Microsoft and some developed by Data Spec. A setup kit has been compiled that will automatically install these files on the users' computer system. Once the SetStandard has been installed on your computer you just need to copy the executable and other support files for the Thok Dawai program into the designated folder on your computer, create the necessary shortcuts and start using the program.

Where to get SetStandard from?

Click here to download the zip file containing the installation files.

How to Install SetStandard?

The standard files installation kit of Data Spec consists of 3 files...

  • Setup.exe
  • Setup.lst

To install, run / execute the Setup.exe.

You will be prompted to specify the folder to be used for the install information. Click on the button with the setup icon to complete the installation process.

This Online User Guide describes the general features of the software. Due to high level of cusomtization services offered by us, the features described herein may not match with your specific customization. All names and figures visible in the images and text are only to demonstrate the features of the program. They do not represent real-life transactions.
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