Pharamaceutical Wholesale Distribution System
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Steps for Marking Tax Types

  • Define the different possible Tax Types
  • Mark the Tax Type of each type of item
  • Specify the Type of Account

Let us see these steps in a little more detail.

1. Tax Types

Select Tax Types from the master menu.

Use this option to define a list of all the different tax rates applicable for the products you deal in. Avoid the use of names like Taxable and Tax-Paid as the tax types.

2. Mark Tax Types for each Item

Now use the Mark Tax Type option to classify the tax category of each item. Select the tax type that you are marking in the right hand combo, named Show Tax Type.

Similarly, you may select the items to mark in the left hand gird. Click on >> to shift the selected item from the left grid to the right grid. To unmark - select items in the right hand grid and click on <<.

3. Mark the Tran Type for Each Vendor and Customer

Mark every party with whom trading transactions are under taken as per their status, for example, In State, Out of State, Consignment, Form D etc.

This Online User Guide describes the general features of the software. Due to high level of cusomtization services offered by us, the features described herein may not match with your specific customization. All names and figures visible in the images and text are only to demonstrate the features of the program. They do not represent real-life transactions.
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