Pharamaceutical Wholesale Distribution System
dsCode Compatible

What's New

Short items marking

Marking of items short (whose orders have to be left un-complied, due to insufficient stocks). These short-marked items are then shown at the time of making purchase orders.

Automatic return entries for expired and near expiry goods in stock

Auto generation of return entries for return of expired (and near expiry) goods.

Support of dsCode Initiative
(Import / Export of Purchase Orders / Challans and Invoices)

Thokdawai has decided to support for the dsCode initiative ( Features have added to...
  • Map dsCode to items
  • Export purchase orders in dsCode format
  • Export sale bills and delivery challans in dsCode format
  • Import purchase orders received in dsCode format
  • Import purchase entries received in dsCode format

Import of AIOCD Invoices

Thokdawai imports purchase invoices from the soft-copies received (based on the AIOCD-format) received from the suppliers. This is available for Thokdawai users as an optional feature.

Formation of Thokdawai group at Facebook

A Group called Thokdawai has been formed on Facebook. This brings together the users and all associated with the Thokdawai application. You can join the group by sending us a request for membership.

All latest files related to the software solution can be downloaded from this group's files section.

Email your statements and purchase orders

Thokdawai allows you to send emails of your statements. You can maintain the list of contacts with email-ids arranged by the manufacturer.

Delivery Register

Use the system to maintain a record of how the goods where delivered or sent to the customer. This entry is different from the entry done at the time of billing. The point of difference is that this entry marks the actual mode of delivery based on the feedback received from the person effecting the delivery, whereas at the time of billing you mark how the goods are to be delivered.

This register is useful to track the goods when the customer subsequently claims that he has not received the goods.

Multiyear Collection System

This year onwards the collections against bills of the previous financial year can be recorded and monitored from within the same entry form.

This Online User Guide describes the general features of the software. Due to high level of cusomtization services offered by us, the features described herein may not match with your specific customization. All names and figures visible in the images and text are only to demonstrate the features of the program. They do not represent real-life transactions.
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