Pharamaceutical Wholesale Distribution System
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ThokDawai & VAT (Value Added Tax)

ThokDawai supports specifying the price and tax rates allows calculation of VAT on all the possible combinations.

ThokDawai allows you to...

  • Work with both forms of tax calculation - Tax on MRP and Tax on Trade Rate.
  • Have MRP Rates inclusive of taxes or with taxes extra.
  • Bill with rates where taxes are charged extra.
  • Work with net rates, situations where sale price (rates) quoted are inclusive of taxes.

Rates Inclusive of Tax

The ThokDawai billing system supports inclusive of VAT option for

  • Purchase Rate,
  • Sale Rate, and
  • MRP

At the time of purchase you can specify the rate type for each of the above 3 rates. The necessary information is automatically passed for use at the time of selling the time - both through Challan and Sale Invoice.

This Online User Guide describes the general features of the software. Due to high level of cusomtization services offered by us, the features described herein may not match with your specific customization. All names and figures visible in the images and text are only to demonstrate the features of the program. They do not represent real-life transactions.
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